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Family Dentistry in Fort Wayne IN

family of four smiling and have a good time after receiving family dentistry services from Steven Ellinwood DDS in Fort Wayne INFort Wayne dentist Dr. Chase has provided comprehensive family dentistry to families just like yours. Our emphasis on a positive, proactive approach to preventive oral health improves the care experience for children and their parents. There’s no need to drive across Fort Wayne to find another dentist or pediatric office…everyone is welcome here!

Composite Teeth Fillings

White fillings are less invasive, which means we can preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Plus, they’re matched to the color of your teeth, so nobody has to see them when you’re smiling or talking. Tooth-colored restorations are perfect for both permanent (adult) and primary (baby) teeth.

Root Canals

Endodontic therapies can preserve a badly decayed or infected tooth, so it doesn’t need to be pulled. Surprisingly, this process doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as their reputation suggests. After we finish your root canal, we’ll top the tooth off with a full coverage crown so that it can continue working normally without wearing down.

Tooth Extractions

There comes a time when it’s beneficial to your overall oral health to remove a tooth instead of attempting to repair it. Such cases are usually due to extensive decay, fractures, or accidents. After your tooth is extracted, we will want to replace it with a dental implant or bridge to preserve your natural tooth spacing.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Restoring damaged or missing teeth often comes down to preserving it with a crown or replacing it with a bridge. Both restorations are designed to mimic the natural shape and coloration of the original tooth, so they do not inhibit the function or appearance of your smile.

Dental crowns (sometimes called “caps”) cover your tooth when filling it is not the solution. Bridges use two functional crowns, placed over healthy teeth, to suspend an artificial crown between the two of them, thus filling in an open space left from a missing tooth. Both of these restorations can also be placed on top of dental implants.

Inlays and Onlays

Lab-made “fillings” offer a higher level of integrity when it comes to repairing enamel that is decayed or fractured. Inlays and onlays are preferred when the tooth does not necessarily need to be fully covered with a crown. Depending on the location of your tooth, we may recommend a porcelain or gold option.

Looking for a Dentist for Your Child?

group of smiling kids who found a great pediatric dentist Steven Ellinwood DDS with comprehensive family dentistry services in Fort Wayne INDr. Ellinwood offers family dentistry services to children and loves to see children of all ages! There’s no need to seek out a separate pediatric dentist for your child’s next checkup, cleaning, or fillings. Dr. Chase strives to make it convenient for you and your children to access quality family dentistry services in one convenient location, close to your home.

Schedule a checkup for everyone in your family by giving us a call. Financing options are available. Call us today!

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Early dental visits help children become familiar with their dentist and the oral health experience. Plus, it prevents instilling a fear of the dentist when the first appointment isn’t one that’s linked with a dental emergency or painful toothache. Instead, it’s more relaxed and preventive in nature.

When Should My Child Have Their First Dental Exam?

Pediatricians and pediatric dentists all recommend that children get their initial dental checkup around their first birthday, or by the time their first teeth start to erupt. Ongoing exams allow your child’s dentist to carefully monitor their oral development and screen for problems before they become complex treatment needs later on.

In the majority of cases, children, like adults, benefit from a cleaning and checkup every six months.

Helping Your Child Care for Their Teeth

Until your son or daughter has good enough dexterity to tie their own shoes without help, you should still be assisting them with toothbrushing and flossing. It’s ok to allow them to try on their own at first, but be sure to go back behind them and clean areas that might have been missed.

Fluoridated toothpaste should be reserved for children who can rinse well on their own. Otherwise they might accidentally swallow it and get a bit of a stomachache. When used properly, fluoride toothpaste helps to strengthen tooth enamel and strengthen areas that may initially be trying to develop decay.

What About X-rays? Are They Safe?

Dental x-rays are extremely safe for children. Thanks to digital technology, the radiation levels are very low. The images we capture with oral radiographs allow us to monitor oral development and screen for infections that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

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