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Smile Makeovers in Fort Wayne IN

Smiling happy couple who had a smile makeover with Steven P Ellinwood DDS in Fort Wayne INRehabilitating your smile can impact the function, comfort, and aesthetics of how your teeth look and feel. As a whole, smile makeover (or “full mouth reconstruction”) can vary greatly from person to person.

Start With a Strong Foundation

To have a stable smile, the supporting structures around it must be healthy. Quality bone density and gingival tissues are essential to keeping your bite secure. Otherwise, there’s nothing that we can do to improve the way your smile looks or feels…the teeth would just continue to fail.

Making sure we create a healthy smile means addressing symptoms of gum and bone diseases, to make sure your investment lasts.

Looking at the Big Picture

What do you want out of your new smile? What are your biggest concerns? Your tailored smile makeover treatment plan will address problems such as:

  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Restoring areas of decayed or fractured tooth structure
  • Changing out or upgrading restorations that are leaky, chipped, or discolored
  • Calibrating the biting relationship between your upper and lower jaws
  • Addressing the tooth size, shape, and color throughout your mouth

Tooth by tooth, Dr. Chase will plan out individual restorations, such as dental crowns, fixed bridges, dental implant restorations, or aesthetic services such as teeth whitening. Then, we’ll create a customized care plan that outlines the number of appointments and all of the costs involved — you’ll know exactly what to expect before we even get started.

The Harmony of Your Bite

The biting relationship (occlusion) between your upper and lower teeth can impact the function of your bite as well as the joint function of your TMJ. If missing or broken teeth are a problem, it can change the way your teeth bite together. In addition to restoring these teeth, Dr. Chase will need to make sure that all of the other ones throughout your bite are functioning properly when it comes to bearing the proper weight needed for biting and chewing.

We often combine various therapies (perhaps even recommending orthodontic treatment) to ensure that this process occurs properly. Otherwise, you can pour thousands of dollars into your smile but not correct the true problem that is contributing to your concerns.

Protecting Your Investment

Close-up portrait of loving newlywed couple smiling after their smile makeover by Steven P Ellinwood DDS in Fort Wayne INAfter completing your various phases of restorative or cosmetic therapies, you’ll want to take steps to protect your smile from unwanted wear or new decay. Dr. Chase frequently suggests wearing a splint or night guard while you sleep to protect your investment. Otherwise, unconscious clenching or grinding patterns could cause your new restorations to chip away prematurely.

We’ll want to carefully clean and assess your smile at least every six months so we can intervene if demineralization or disease is starting to creep in. With the right home care and oral hygiene habits, you can make sure that your smile lasts for years.

Affording Your Treatment

We will work closely with your insurance carrier to limit the amount of pocket expenses involved. We also offer convenient CareCredit financing so that you can easily afford low monthly payments on the care that you deserve. Call us today for more information or to schedule your rehabilitation consultation.

If you’re curious about the cosmetic services performed to achieve your full smile makeover, visit our cosmetic dentistry page.


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